The European Language Portfolio (ELP)

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The European Language Portfolio (ELP)


The European Language Portfolio (ELP) is one of the tools developed by the Council of Europe – Language Policy Unit, in the context of the Linguistic integration of Adult Migrants (LIAM) Program to promote language learning throughout learners’ lifetime. In particular, ELP supports the development of learner’s autonomy, plurilingualism (that is the ability to communicate in at least two languages in addition to the mother tongue, albeit at different levels of competence) and intercultural awareness.

Learning the host community language is an excellent opportunity for adult migrants to start the process of integration into the new culture and society.

The Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe invited the Ismu Foundation to test the European Language Portfolio as part of the language courses for adult migrants. Ismu, in agreement with the Lombardy Region – DG Family, Social Solidarity and Volunteering, accepted the proposal and began testing this instrument as part of some courses in the Project Progetto Vivere in Italia. L’italiano per il lavoro e la cittadinanza (, [Living in Italy. The Italian for work and citizenship], during the period October 2013-May 2014.

In that occasion Ismu, in collaboration with the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe, edited the Italian version of the European Language Portfolio for adult migrants (ELP).

This work – that can be found in a report (see also Allegati) – was presented by the Ismu Foundation (see the Presentation) at the third intergovernmental Conference Quality in the linguistic integration of adult migrants: from values to policy and practice (see the Programme ENG), organized in Strasbourg on 3-4 June 2014 by the Language Policy Unit of the COE (Official documents available in ENG).

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