The Immigration Monitoring department conducts its activities in two directions:

1) It collects statistical materials originating from primary sources (Italian National Statistics Institute – ISTAT, national and international organisations and institutions, public administrations, Ministries, research centres, etc.) and research conducted at national or international level relating to migration’s numerous aspects (regular and irregular migration, labour, education, demography, health, justice and security, remittances, minors and second generations, citizenship and its acquisition, asylum, etc.). Such data is updated, its quality is tested and its sources are harmonized.

2) The knowledge thereby acquired is disseminated and accessible to anyone seeking to deepen the understanding of the phenomenon in its territorial and thematic aspects, be it for research, information or dissemination purposes. Particular attention is here paid to recent trends and emerging issues.i.

Head of Department
Gian Carlo Blangiardo

Alessio Menonna
Livia Ortensi
Giorgia Papavero