The department promotes and carries out training activities for healthcare and welfare staff. It also conducts research on social and health policies addressing migrants’ needs. The research areas are:

  • the challenges welfare states have to take up whilst considering immigration, new models of solidarity and social inclusion, the evolution of the notion of citizenship and social rights;
  • the multilevel governance of social and health policies addressed to migrants: the question of the right to access health care and social assistance for legal residents, but also irregular and undocumented migrants;
  • the diverse conceptions of health and disease in global contexts;
  • the mutation of services’ demand and supply, with particular emphasis on welfare and healthcare services for the person;
  • the monitoring of migrants’ health conditions;
  • women migrants health conditions, particularly with regard to reproduction.

In 2015

ISMU’s Welfare and Health Sector won Daphne call for proposals with a project.  The focus of project proposal ISMU is going to develop  is the following: actions aimed to increasing intervention capacity of professionals operating involved in supporting migrant gender violence victims. For more details abiout the project, click here.

Head of Department
Nicola Pasini

Daniela Carrillo
Cecilia Gallotti
Rosalia Lombardi
Veronica Merotta
Armando Pullini