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The ISMU Foundation is an independent scientific body, the activities of which are manifold. It promotes and conducts studies and researches; it offers consultancy and training courses; it carries out activities of planning, information and dissemination .
The ISMU Foundation’s activities revolve around multi-ethnicity and multi-culturalism, as ever-growing characteristic of contemporary societies. Particular emphasis is placed on international migration phenomena.

Over the years, the ISMU Foundation has become the main Italian institute studying such themes. Accordingly, it is nowadays the main interlocutor of all sorts of organisations that have somehow to do with migration-related matters: national and European institutions, local and regional administrations, welfare and health-care bodies, volunteering organisations and associations, non-profit organisations, schools of different levels, research and documentation centres in Italy and beyond, international agencies, diplomatic and consular representations, religious organisations committed to the issue, trade unions, firms, financial institutions, media and communication bodies, museums and cultural centres.

In order to meet the objectives defined in the Foundation’s status, the ISMU Foundation avails itself of a staff of researchers, collaborators, experts and scholars. It also relies upon a network of correspondents abroad in Europe and beyond: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, China, the Philippines.

All in all, the ISMU Foundation represents today a rich and articulated ensemble of professional and operational competences, making the ISMU a one-of-a-kind institution in Italy.