From its institution, ISMU’s department of Economy and Labour carries out activities of research and information on labour-related themes. It considers that these represent the main road towards migrants’ presence legitimation and peaceful coexistence. Research and studies greatly contributed to produce knowledge on migrants’ incorporation into the Italian labour market, they allowed the development of trails of interpretation that nourish the scientific debate and mass-media’s discourse. They also provide a landmark for foreign scholars and international agencies.

Amongst the themes at the centre of the department’s activities are: discrimination in terms of country of origin but also in terms of gender; professional training; work accidents; the relationship between work and welfare regimes; the transition to working life of the so-called second generations; the role of employment services and labour policies; immigrants’ self-employment and entrepreneurship; the cross-cultural management.

Particular attention is paid to the questions at the core of the Italian and European political agendas: the planning of new entries on the basis of firms’ and families’ needs; the governments’ labour migrations policies; the initiatives for the regularization of irregular work; the relation between economic migration and development of countries of origin.

Head of Department:
Laura Zanfrini

Egidio Riva

Annavittoria Sarli