Estimates of outfluxes

After the 2011 Census, the ISTAT (Italian national institute of statistics) rectified demographic movements of the previous ten years between two censuses. Accordingly, in the first nine months of 2011, the foreigners that were residing in Italy but that left the country are estimated at 142 thousands, not quite the 25 thousands estimated before. In the same manner, the “re-emigrants” in 2010 were not 33 thousands but 208 thousands; in 2009 they were not 16 thousands but 182 thousands.

It is clear that only a small part of the migrations of foreigners towards third countries or countries of origin were effectively registered, due notably to the difficulties and differences between registering institutions from one State to another. Resultantly, the importance of outfluxes from Italy is sizable as they are tantamount to the almost half the size of influxes.