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These National Reports were elaborated by the 10 national research team; they present and discuss data emered from the WP3, whose aim was to fill the knowledge gap about:

a) The recognition of Third Countries Nationals skills, knowledges and competences;
b) Diversity Management Practices implemented by profit, public and non-profit organizations;
c) Third Countries Nationals civic involvement and participation in voluntary organizations.



    COUNTRY REPORT GERMANY. Halfway to Integration: Observations on Recognition, Participation, and Diversity Management Practices in the Region of Baden. By Andreas P. Müller, Francisco Javier Montiel Alafont, Roman Lietz
  2. ITALY
    COUNTRY REPORT ITALY. At a (Possible) Turning Point Between a Constraining Tradition and Promising Developments in the Field of Diversity. By Laura Zanfrini, Massimiliano Monaci, Francesca Mungiardi and Annavittoria Sarli
    COUNTRY REPORT ESTONIA. An Entry Point into the EU Labour Market. By Tiit Tammaru (country co-ordinator), Eneli Kindsiko, Kristina Kallas, Rebekka Vedina, Kristiina Kamenik and Maaja Vadi
    COUNTRY REPORT THE NETHERLANDS. A Case-study on the Healthcare Sector in the Arnhem-Nijmegen Region. By Roos Pijpers, Pascal Beckers, Niels Grootjans, Ton van Naerssen, Lars Paardekooper and Lothar Smith
    COUNTRY REPORT SWEDEN. Validation – a question of time and timing – the case of Sweden. By Heather MacKay, Ida-Maja Lindström, Olof Stjernström