SiliprandiAfter completing secondary school instruction, in Parma in 1991, he moved to Berlin, Germany, where, besides attending university language courses, he started working in the event management area. He specialized in Italian and French Literature as well as History of Drama, receiving his degree with an interdisciplinary thesis granted with honours in 2008.

His work experience was focused from the very beginning on the fields language-theatre-tourism, which all have in common his personal interest for cultural matters. He worked as an Italian teacher at university and learned several foreign languages he improved through various journeys abroad. He took part in many theatre plays and was in charge of the guest management for the Berlin Film Festival, the Berliner Ensemble and other venues. Both in Paris and Berlin he also worked as a tourist guide.

Following his interest in socially and politically relevant issues he contributed to different integration projects, on local as well as international basis (SKB, Amnesty International and others).

Curriculum vitae