Since 2007, ISMU Foundation’s Health and Welfare Sector organizes each year a training course about migration issues addressed to professionals working in social and health fields. It is a basic course which handles the topic of health from different points of view: legal, anthropological, social, political and medical.

The principal aim is providing present and future professionals with appropriate tools for communicate properly with migrants in places such as hospitals, family counseling centers, social services centers, voluntary associations, etc.

ISMU’s courses are organized in different thematic modules, on the basis of an interactive planning: lessons emphasize the role of debate and participants’ experiences listening.

During these years, organizing training courses has progressively been structured in a different way, approaching more and more e-learning: some interactive elements, such as a blog, online lesson materials and publications, have been introduced for incentivizing interaction and knowledge exchange among teachers and attendees.

The last news introduced in the training courses regards video-lessons that participants can directly use on a specific page of the official website, wherever and whenever they want.

The importance to spread a multicultural view in health and social activities persuades ISMU Foundation’s Health and Welfare Sector to submit this course to University of Milan. Since 2012 ISMU organizes the training course at the University of Milan, Obstetrics Department – titled Migrants’ Health targeted to future nurses, physicians and obstetricians and other future healthcare operators.

Contact persons:

Lia Lombardia

Veronica Merotta

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