The Cina-informa Help Desk aims to increase and improve people’s knowledge of the Chinese world through an active dialogue and a positive approach towards new perspectives in the interaction with the Other, in a continuous process of negotiation. The Cina-informa Help Desk provides services for teachers, educators, Italian and foreign social workers, associations and to the whole citizenship.


  • support in the planning, organisation and implementation of activities and paths aimed at valorising native languages and cultures, from primary to upper secondary school;
  • questions related to learning/teaching of Italian as a second language and to the interferences with the mother tongue, valorisation of multilingualism for minors and adults;
  • co-planning of training courses for teachers;
  • support in planning didactic paths;
  • materials and didactic tools (particularly bilingual texts);
  • research on cultural issues;
  • relationships school-family;
  • guidance to linguistic-cultural mediation services and to associations dealing with the Chinese world and working in the intercultural field;
  • organisation of thematic seminars;
  • documentation (at the Ismu Documentation Centre).

Ismu foundation (at Ce.Doc.)
Via Galvani 16 – 20125 Milano

Education department

Contact person:
Erica Colussi
Tel. +39 02.67877949

To access the Cina-Informa Help Desk services, please contact us via e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment.