Between 2013 and 2014, 231,000 foreigners became Italian Citizens (of these, 130,000 in 2014, while they were just over 60,000 in 2012); this is if we compare it to the 213,000 foreigners landed on the Italian shores in the same period of time. The constant rise in citizenship acquisitions, especially those related to entire families, underlined an improvement in terms of inclusion of migrants in the Italian society.

Between 2008 and 2013 approximately 1 new Italian every 4 (24.2%) was under 15 years old, with a peak of 30.1% in 2013 (latest year available).

If we make a comparison between Italian regions, out of 130,000 acquisitions of citizenship in 2014 nearly 36,000 were in Lombardy, while Veneto had 20,000 new citizens, Emilia Romagna 16,000 , Piedmont 12,000, Lazio only 9,000, Molise and Basilicata a record low of 175 and 176 new citizens, respectively. Comparing the regional values to the corresponding foreign residents at the end of the year, in the Aosta Region more than one foreigner out of 20 acquired the Italian citizenship in 2014; in Trentino and Veneto, one every 25; a slightly higher number in the Friuli region.

A European comparison is now possible only by taking into account the data from 2013, when Italy was ranked 4th, with 101,000 acquisitions, behind Germany (115,000), Great Britain (208,000) and Spain (226,000), for a total of 985,000 new European citizens.